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What is Life Coaching?

I'd say Life Coaching can be life changing!

In essence it's a space and time for you to reflect, talk through challenges, think through how you'd like your life to be different, the positive changes you want to make, and the things you'd like to achieve. As your Life Coach, my role is to actively listen to you, be curious, reflect on what you've said, and ask questions to help you explore solutions, and to help you define and plan how you can achieve your goals. Life Coaching is very much forward looking and action focused.

A Life Coach does not tell you what to do, make decisions for you, or give advice, but is there to help you to identify your own solutions.

Life Coaching is not Mentoring, Counselling or Therapy. However, I might ask about any barriers, such as limiting beliefs, that might stop you progressing toward your goals, and we'll talk about your strategies for overcoming them. Life Coaching is very much a collaborative conversation, a safe, non-judgmental space where you can speak openly about any areas of your life. It's up to you what you want to talk about.

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